Grass-Fed Beef

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Grass-Fed Beef

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What's the beef?

On 12/7/2011 Julie and I committed ourselves to our health and fitness.  This journey led us to raising the healthiest beef, lamb and poultry that we could get. Now we are committed to helping other families like ours nourish their families with our Grass Fed Beef.  Right Lane Ranch only offers cattle that are pasture raised in their natural environment. Grass Fed Beef raised on pasture is high in Omega 3's, CLA, Vitamins A & E, and low in saturated fat. By eliminating the use of grain and hormones, the cattle are generating lean healthy meats that are high in flavor.

We are currently scheduling monthly deliveries to Bend, Portland and Pasco WA. For info on starting a buying club and getting our products at wholesale.

Details on Monthly Delivery & Wholesale Pricing

Grass Fed Beef:
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Delivery & Product Details:

Deliveries are scheduled for 6 weeks after order date to ensure only fresh products.

Our Beef is USDA Inspected and wrapped in Butcher Paper Packages.

Products will arrive frozen to ensure quality upon arrival.