Welcome to Right Lane Ranch


We are a family ranch located in beautiful Eastern Oregon.

Uninspired by the traditional lifestyle in the U.S. our hearts led our family down another path. No longer wanting to live life in the city we decided to connect to our family roots and become 5th generation ranchers. We live life simply, in the right lane of life, raising grass fed beef, pastured poultry & our beautiful daughters.

We use sustainable land management techniques to restore the land the way it is naturally  meant to thrive, while providing the healthiest beef & poultry for local consumers all while illustrating the sense of humor it takes to run a family ranch.



Who are we?

Find out what makes Right Lane Ranch so awesome, why our consumers love our products and what motivates naturally improve the land.

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Find out when our next community education opportunity is, come take a tour of the ranch and meet the animals, or simply find the right way to support our mission.

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