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Our close friends & family know us well, but I wanted to write to the rest of you who don’t know us well, yet. I’m Julie, and I married a country boy. His name is Nate. Together, we made 2 beautifully feisty girls, Olivia & Millie. Our little family of 4, plus the pups, now live on Nate’s Grandpa Tom’s old property here in Kimberly, Oregon where Nate spent a fair share of his time growing up from an infant to helping his grandpa in his early 20’s.

Our story about how we got here goes a little like this: boy & girl meet, fall in love, get married, have a baby, bought a house in the city, work cubicle jobs, have another baby, feel uninspired, sell first house, leave cubicle jobs, move to a rural town and begin a new adventure without a road map.

That was 3 years ago, and 15 miles down river but as luck would have it we were meant to be here, continuing a ranching legacy but in our own ways. Grass-Fed Beef is what we decided to go with to fulfill my passion for healthy living and Nate’s passion for land improvement and animal welfare. Together, the 4 of us, make a pretty good team!

So far we’re loving our adventure, living life outside of any box, always rediscovering our roots and who we are meant to be! We’re grateful for the support of people like you who encourage people like us to keep at it! We are thankful to be able to serve you!

From us to you, we’re here for ya and so glad you stopped by! ~ Julie Campbell, Wife at Right Lane Ranch


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