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The hosts, Nathan & Julie Campbell awaiting arrival at the front gate to Right Lane Ranch!  More images can be seen at #rightlaneeclipse or on our Facebook page, Right Lane Ranch.

A popular item from the Right Lane Eclipse...

Green Hats

By popular request, we have made our "Green Hats" available for purchase!  

$14.99 each, plus shipping & handling

The Great American Eclipse at Right Lane Ranch had over 600 guests enjoying the John Day River by fishing & swimming, taking adventures to the John Day Fossil Beds, and in general coming together to witness a once in a lifetime event in history.  We witnessed so many acts of kindness and positive humanity and are grateful for the opportunity to be your host.  We hope for future adventures here at the ranch and by purchasing our Right Lane Ranch hat you'll help us get one step closer to being able to do so.

A heart felt THANK YOU to all who joined us.  

Please share your experience with us via email at or via #rightlaneeclipse