Where we are made a difference:

OUR LOCATION: 44.8198°N – 119.7572°W

Located right on the John Day River, with 160 acres three miles East of Spray, Oregon, Right Lane Ranch was in a prime location for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, being in the Path of Totality.

On August 21st, 2017, a partial eclipse began at 9:08 AM PST – while at 10:21AM PST, the sun was totally blocked by the moon for 1 minutes 52 seconds – and the partial eclipse ended at 11:43 AM PST.

Having never seen a Total Solar Eclipse it wouldn't surprise me if we made early plans to travel and see the one in 2024 from somewhere in Texas or even Mexico.  It was spectacular!  The great thing about our event was that we weren't responsible for the finale, being the Total Eclipse, and mother nature did it's thing and surely delivered.




Viewing Deatils

The Ranch offered unobstructed views from all RV sites, camping sites and all parking sites. Our camping sites had walking access to the John Day River. 

How was the Weather?

It couldn't have gone better weather wise leading up to event for star gazers and the day of the event was perfect.  The temperature was more than bearable, no clouds in the sky and from moon up to moon down there was no obstruction.

What was is like for Travel & Fuel?

The View Was Worth The Drive

The View Was Worth The Drive

There were plenty of nervous travelers coming from all over the world due to media hype expecting large amounts of traffic from every direction, but as it turns out not one of our guests had trouble on their way to Right Lane Ranch.  There was an expected increase in traffic on people's way home, but everyone made it home much sooner than they had originally thought without having to take desperate measures for fuel, water or other supplies.

Green Hat 2.jpg

The hosts, Nathan & Julie Campbell awaiting arrival at the front gate to Right Lane Ranch!  More images can be seen at #rightlaneeclipse or on our Facebook page, Right Lane Ranch.

A popular item from the Right Lane Eclipse...

Green Hats & More...

By popular request, we have made our "Green Hats" available for purchase!  

$14.99 each, plus shipping & handling

The Great American Eclipse at Right Lane Ranch had over 600 guests enjoying the John Day River by fishing & swimming, taking adventures to the John Day Fossil Beds, and in general coming together to witness a once in a lifetime event in history.  We witnessed so many acts of kindness and positive humanity and are grateful for the opportunity to be your host.  We hope for future adventures here at the ranch and by purchasing our Right Lane Ranch hat you'll help us get one step closer to being able to do so.


In addition to our "green hats" we also have a fundraiser set up where you can make purchases of t-shirts & hoodies with our Right Lane Ranch logo (as seen here) on the front and "Total Solar Eclipse" on the back.  You can get yours here:

A heart felt THANK YOU to all who joined us.  

Please share your experience with us via email at rightlaneranch@gmail.com or via #rightlaneeclipse

Event Details

This was a family friendly event, and families made some life long memories! We included viewing glasses, glow sticks, all types of lawn games, kites, fishing tackle & poles to rent, and so much more.


What did we have ON LOCATION?

Right Lane Ranch provided portable toilets with hand washing stations and on-site garbage.  We also had Megan's Snack Shack who provided food & drink, Cafe Heat who provided coffee & tea, as well as homemade pastries, and also SunFlair Solar Ovens offered goodies she made up right there on site on her solar oven.

* The grocery stores in the area didn't run out of ice, food or fuel!


People took advantage of these Local Attractions

  • John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
    • Historic Cant Ranch Museum
    • Blue Basin Hiking Trail
    • Picture Gorge
    • Clarno Unit
  • John Day River
    • Rafting
    • Swimming
    • Fishing
  • Umatilla National Forest & BLM
    • Bull Prairie Lake
    • Hiking
  • Kimberly Orchards

We did help Charity

We decided early on that our event would be used to do good in our community as well and we chose to work with the Autism Society of Oregon.  Through donations from our guests, a bottle & can drive, as well as pledges we were able to raise over $1,200 to help them continue Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism in Oregon.  If you missed your chance, please feel free to donate here. It is greatly appreciated.