Growing Wildflowers

"How?  I mean... how?"

It's the most popular question we get asked.  "How come you decided to leave your job?"  "How did you decide you wanted to raise cows?"  "How did your friends and family react to such a big change?"  "How has it been going? Has it been hard?"  "How does it work?"

How? How? How?

Man, do we LOVE that question!  I'm not being sarcastic, guys - we LOVE that question, in whichever shape or form it takes.  We will share with you the logistics.  We will share with you the struggles.  We will share it all.  Because, all too often we find ourselves right smack in the middle of living our life with lots of "how" questions... "How did we end up here?"  "How did it come to be like this?" "How come we do things this way?"  And I believe that, first of all, we should NEVER be afraid to ask the questions and second of all, we should NEVER be afraid of answering them.  Can you think of a time when you've wanted to ask someone a question but didn't because you thought just by asking you might offend them?  To me, that's nonsense.  If we could all welcome more questions I believe we could help open the minds of others to possibilities they might not otherwise think of.  More of that, please!

When it comes to asking & answering questions, we should do so especially from within.  Have you ever stopped yourself from asking a question because you're afraid of the answer?  It's by answering the questions we have in our head & in our heart that we will truly find out who we are, what we want out of life, for our future, and the way we would like to be living day-by-day.  That's HOW we ended up where we are today; forgetful of which day of the week it is, debating homeschool for our daughters, loving the work we do and full of hope.  How did we get so lucky?  I wouldn't say that we're lucky, but I will say we are lucky in who supports & encourages us.  Does everyone?  Nope.  But the right ones do.  The ones who tell us to "give it a try" and even share excitement with our ideas.   How do we ignore the ones who don't agree with our lifestyle?  We don't.  We try to look at it as one human being concerned for another, and genuinely take into consideration their concerns & reservations with the full belief that we are capable of making the final decision and guess what?  Sometimes, we do decide differently based on other's opinions.  If we didn't give others the opportunity to ask questions, our own thoughts would be limited, right?  So why not?  It's not offensive to us.  Not one tiny little bit.  Questions are always welcome around here...

The one "how" question I love sharing about the most is "How come rural living?"  So if you're still reading, wondering where the heck the part about wildflowers comes into play, here it is... we didn't want to settle in life when we felt in our hearts we were meant to be free, growing in ways where others never would. Isn't that how wildflowers are? 

Out here we feel like there's less noise to influence us.  We didn't want to continue ignoring our own ideas and values.  We didn't want to hear constantly that we shouldn't give up a six-figure salary, and the "benefits" that come with that job.  We didn't want to constantly hear how much our neighbors hated their jobs or that it's "normal" to hate having to go into work on Monday.  We wanted to answer our own desires and curiosities about life.  I don't feel like we were running away from anything.  I feel like we were being selective & honest about what is and isn't fulfilling in life FOR US.  Monday through Friday, 9-5: not so much!  Soccer, little league, basketball, dance & music lessons, oh my!  How 'bout: oh no!  2 hour commutes to work in a cubicle: not productively living.  I say these things NOT to be offense for anyone living like this, only to say that we kept questioning WHY this was our life and HOW come we didn't feel fulfilled and those questions (when answered) led to another question: What Would?

Out here we feel like we're following our call to be & do something that would really allow us to make a difference in the world.  Out here we feel like we're really living in roles we were meant to lead in.  Out here it's easier to find fulfillment in how we spend our time.  Out here it never feels like we're settling.

Do you feel like you live according to what you were meant for?  The reason I ask is because I like to have these blog posts mean something, and not be the ramblings of someone who likes to write, and maybe this is one of those questions you're afraid to ask yourself.  So don't mind me, I'm asking you, for you.  I hope that doesn't lose any readers, I'm nosy like that.  But I gotta ask because I feel like it's a way to pay forward the possibility of feeling like I do most days; grounded & fulfilled.  You see, the change from city to rural isn't just about raising our family, being who we truly are, living life in a slower pace, or putting REAL food on dinner tables - this adventure in our rural life is also about encouraging a change.  If it's a change in how you live your life, what questions you ask, or even a change in what's being served for dinner to the people you love, we want to encourage you to embrace change. Don't be afraid of the answer if you ask yourself, "Is this the way I want to live my life?" 

The wildflower is free and no matter what changes it still grows.