Growing up I moved 4 times I lived in 3 homes in and around the family ranch in Kimberly and once to Canyon City to the home I graduated high school from.  I just asked Julie and she told me that she moved 11 times before she graduated high school.  So when we had kids it was very important to her that we made our decision where we would raise our children before Olivia started Kindergarten.  Our family was comfortable in Kennewick, Washington where I had just taken a promotion into a very stable position with one of the best employers in the country (CalTech).   Then in the winter of 2014 we were walking from store to store in the Columbia Center Shopping Mall and I noticed a bunch of teenie-boppers wandering around without shopping bags. So, I asked Julie what the heck they were doing and she told me kids come to the mall to hang out…  Seriously!?!  I asked her if she had done that growing up in Beaverton and she said she did. So I asked if that’s what she wanted for our kids.  This lead us on the journey we have been on for the last 3 years down in Spray with Right Lane Ranch.

Fortunately for us I was working 2 jobs with Caltech and one of those jobs would continue part time for the next 3 years.  They agreed to keep me on part time while we started a new life down in Spray.  It’s been the best decision of our lives, although we have been tested in almost every way possible from Olivia getting pneumonia the first month we were there, to our manufactured home getting stuck in middle of our field, to me needing emergency surgery to remove a benign tumor and of course things continued all the way through to closing. That being said there have been far more amazing adventures and memories we created in Spray that we will cherish forever. 

When the opportunity arose for us to buy my grandpa’s home and raise our girls in the same home as their grandpa. There was never any question for us, we were going to do everything we could to make it happen. We are excited about the opportunities that we will have not only for our family but for our friends, neighbors and customers as well.  

Since my high school baseball days I’ve always believed in signs and superstitions, so I had to share a few with you since we have moved.  Not long after we moved I left the house and had just driven onto the highway when a Bald Eagle glided about 20 feet above the pickup window for about 30 seconds.  Then on the same drive 3 miles down the road I saw a beaver in the river working on a small dam.  The next sign happened about two weeks ago when we were on our way to Portland for a beef delivery.  Our neighbor rancher Jean Hill, who we are partnering with to sell Grass-Fed beef had two bulls standing in the highway.  One had a green piece of steel tubing around it’s neck like a necklace. So we immediately stopped, at the same time Joe, our neighbor who had just put shoes on our horse Missy, stopped as well.  He helped me catch the bull, get the tubing off his neck and get them penned up, while Julie called up Jean.  Jean reached out to another neighbor who got there just as Joe had left.  Within a few minutes we had reached an agreement to offer the Grass-Fed Lamb that he is raising to our customers through Right Lane Ranch.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, but sometimes the best memories are always that way.  Kimberly is an amazing place to visit as is our “new” home, feel free to call us anytime to plan a trip out.

If you or someone you know wants to try our Grass-Fed Beef or Lamb, send us a text at 541-668-6048 or message on social media with “Grass-Fed” and you’ll get a $5 off coupon.  We have all cuts available and offer delivery within 4 hours of Kimberly.