Living Life with Patience

Has it really been 7 months since I've had something to write about?  Absolutely not!  It's just that the last 7 months have left us living out of boxes, creating new business plans, and dreaming bigger than we ever have.  I've heard it's a contagious thing to do, so if you start working to live a life you've dreamed of, expect that there's going to be a lot of work and that your dreams come true.  So much so that you have to start dreaming more!  

One thing I've come to learn about dreaming and hard work is that you have to have two things; faith & patience.  Faith is easy.  It's like dreaming.  If you believe in your dreams then you believe in faith.  Yes, sometimes faith can try and slip away from you, especially during the difficult times, but it's usually right back in your front pocket to get you through.  It's patience that's tricky.  If you weren't born with patience, or haven't mastered the art yet then chances are it's going to be a struggle to maintain your patience through living a life built on your dreams.  Why?  Because nothing ever happens over night.  Nothing worth having in life is ever given to you easily.  It's cliche to say, maybe, but it's the truth that your dreams don't work if you don't and you never know what work it's going to take, or how much effort you have to put into, before your dreams are reality.  Sometimes it takes a lot longer that you think...

For example, we have officially been living the rural life for three years and it was ONE MONTH AGO that we (finally) started selling Grass-Fed beef!  Never did we imagine it would take us three years to be able to that.  However, everything we've been through in the past three years has led us here and has given us so much more experience and knowledge in the pursuit of this goal.  But you better believe that over the past three years we've leaned heavily on faith & patience.  You will never know how many times we've considered giving up!  In fact, I'll never know either.  Struggles like having no money, learning how to adjust to a life as a stay-at-home parenting team, and how to keep all the animals living and safe from predators during extremely cold & long winters.  

So what's the deal with having faith & patience, and then working hard?  It's like I said, your dreams come true.  Not only have we now been selling our Grass-Fed beef successfully for a month, but the universe delivered another dream this week... Grass-Fed Lamb!  We thought this might take us a year from when we could officially offer beef, but as it turned out, an opportunity knocked and we're so grateful that our eyes were open to receive it and will soon be delivering Grass-Fed Lamb to our customers, too!

For the record, I am one of those people who was not born with patience.  In fact, I have a family history of low patience levels on both sides of the family.  I've learned a lot of people can relate so here are a few of my tips on how I deal with life when I am low on patience:

-Gratitude Meditation: As soon as I start to think about the things I'm grateful for I can feel the anxiety and pressure start to release from my neck & shoulders.  My children are usually the first thing that come to mind and I can't help but be overjoyed that I am their mama.

-Varmint Control: When I need some patience during the warmer months of the year a sure fire way to find some ease is to grab my .22 and shoot ground squirrels.  Many people don't understand this form of therapy, but it does help our ranch to reduce the population of ground squirrels so we have more luscious grass for our animals to eat.  They can ruin crops costing us money and time so if I need a stress reliever, this is an activity I'll engage in.

-Journaling: I love to write, hence the long newsletters and blog posts I usually create, so why not journal my frustrations, conflicts and thoughts that I have going on in my head rather than keep them up there interrupting my ability to think clearly?  I've probably filled over 20 journals in my life, and currently have more than 8 that I fill pages of regularly.

-Exercise:  No one can deny the release of endorphins, epinephrine and serotonin that happens with a good workout, so get sweaty!  There are other benefits, but that feeling after a solid workout is hard to beat!

Alright, I better get back to my to-do list that consists of remodeling, domestic housewife things and ranch life mixed with a lot of motherhood and being an "okay" wife.  Ha!

Take Care!

ps... no time for editing around here!