Grow Your Food, Feed Your Soul

I'm not naturally open minded, and I take comfort in my routines... but I have come to learn that it's true what they say; Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.

Once upon a time I lived in a naive world that I really appreciated because once I began to explore the truth about things I routinely did, I did not like what I found out, and that meant I'd need to make changes.  Change is never easy.  Change takes work.  It goes against our brain chemistry to make change because our brain likes to be cozy.  Go figure.  And I was okay with the idea of not needing to make changes... until I became a mother.  I'll save the topic of motherhood for another blog post, on another beautiful day, but it's true that once I was known as "mom" to my beautiful daughter Olivia, I could no longer stay settled in comfortable areas of my life when I knew they weren't the best for me, or for her.  You see, my routine was to eat food that came from a box, especially if it contained processed cheese, for two reasons: one, because it was tasty as heck, and two because it was simple.  I tried to stay in my safe, naive place and close my mind off to any negative information pertaining to my certain routine for as long as I could, but as it became more and more obvious to me that I was the one influencing my daughter it meant I was the one who needed to be a better role model for her.  Have you heard of "mom guilt" before?  It landed on my shoulders like a ton of bricks when Olivia was 18 months old.  Quite literally, I stood up from feeling frustrated on the living room floor and took myself on a little mom date to the grocery store.  I grabbed a food magazine for "healthy eating" from the magazine rack and just began to add things to my grocery cart that I had never purchased before.  A lot of those items I wasn't even sure how to pronounce!  One thing I noticed was how I spent most of my time in the produce aisle...

When I got home from my mom date I threw away a lot of items that stocked my shelves including items that didn't have expiration dates, frozen meals & processed foods.  My husband was rightfully irritated because those groceries cost us money, and were still edible, and he had no idea that we were making these changes but once I filled him in on the way my responsibility to be a good influence for our daughter was at the root of this, he was on board.  Over the next few months my husband lost 60 pounds by changing his eating habits.  This became a part of our lifestyle.  We added fitness into our routine as well, and I'd be happy to share some of my best tips to stay active at home, but aside from physical changes I noticed that eating clean, healthy food also had an impact on my emotions and I felt more reasonable and stable.  This meant that our healthy food was here to stay.

It wasn't long before I found out about food laws & regulations that I didn't agree with.  I don't like to talk politics, and I always try to remain positive, so let's just say that I wasn't about to take on the responsibility of changing the government but I was considering growing my own food.  At this point it had been years after that mom date, and our life had changed a lot including where we lived.  When my journey to taking better care of my health started we lived in the city and now we owned 160 acres - what were we going to do with this opportunity?  One thing that stood out immediately was that I had the opportunity to stick my middle finger in the air to the food issues I was researching about and feed my family with real, healthy food raised using sustainable, healthy practices.  And the kicker?  It was on our own land.

It was as simple as me suggesting to my husband that "we should get some chickens" before he was staying up late at night to read all about how to raise pastured poultry.  I won't lie and tell you that we had interesting conversations during this time.  In fact, all I ever heard about was chickens and how to raise them, how to feed them, how to build chicken tractors, and how they can have a positive impact following our grass-fed cattle around our property.  Romantic, huh?  It was certainly something my husband became passionate about which was good for me because I was passionate about eating and serving healthy food, not just to my family but to my friends and neighbors as well.  We all deserve to have options that meat (haha, get it?) our expectations for what we'll put into our bodies to nourish our adventurous lifestyles.

So, here we are, 2 years after beginning to talk about it to actually raising our first 50 birds that will serve as food on dinner tables for families who want to know they're nourishing their bodies with good, healthy food provided by a farmer who believes in sustainable farming practices where our biggest goals are to improve the land we live on for future generations and to offer a clean, healthy option that we all deserve without limits.

For more information about how we raise our pastured poultry, you can look on our Beef, Chicken & Lamb page or feel free to send us an email.  We like to say we're an open book and have faith that if our friends & family know what we do, that the truth will give them comfort in knowing what they eat is a good choice.  Because we care.  Also, if you'd like more information about staying fit at home, just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to start a conversation with you about some best practices and tips I have up my sleeve.

Our youngest daughter Millaney (age 4) spending some time with one of our most trusty egg layers, Betty.

Our youngest daughter Millaney (age 4) spending some time with one of our most trusty egg layers, Betty.